All highly pigmented and made with Natural oils such coconut oil etc

All cosmetics

Quality, Guaranteed


All made with real Siberian mink fur to give that dramatic and natural look

Bath and body

Exclusivity You Deserve

Body butters are rich and smoothing!

If body butters melt in transit place in fridge for 5-10 minutes!


Home of The Baddies

Here For All Your Beauty Needs

Shadezbysierra was Created by a 19-year-old Female named Sierra Pickett.

She's had a taste in Make-up, Beauty, and Even bath and body since she could remember. She decided to launch and invest in her own cosmetics company in August of 2020 during the Covid Lockdown.

We provide luxury affordable cosmetics such as lipgloss, eyeshadow, and even Eyelashes.

all of our formulas are vegan free, no animal testings, and free of harsh chemicals such as parabens.



Who We Are

Everything You Need to Know About Your Local Cosmetics Store

Considering Being Black Owned, ShadezbySierra is trying to build a Fandom Of all Types Of Women Who Want to show who they are through make up. Living colorfully, and fully to the limit of having confidence and being the true baddie they are inside.

Our cosmetics can make you feel that way! The way our formulas work, you They wont even know you have on make-up! Our formulas makes your everyday make up look as natural as can be!

People wont even know your wearing it! All of our formulas last all day as well!


returns and exchanges

How It Works

due to the nature of our products, and the pandemic ( Covid-19 )  we will not be accepting any returns or exchanges. Shadezbysierra is committed to ensuring the sanitary